First day of presentation and exchanges around the SAVASCO project for the actors of the sector of the bio-based and eco-construction


On Thursday, December 2, a first day of presentation and exchange was held at the IUT de Tarbes around the SAVASCO project, which brought together various actors from the regional network of bio and ecoconstruction. This meeting took place with the SAVASCO project leaders, including the LMDC laboratories of the Université Paul Sabatier, the LCA of the Toulouse INP (AGROMAT hall) and SCOP Terre de Bois, as well as with the partners, ARESO and Envirobat Occitanie. The SAVASCO project aims to structure an innovative sector around biologically based materials made from corn stalks and sunflowers (more information here).

The day was divided into two parts. The one in the morning, co-organized with the French Tech des Hautes-Pyrénées and entitled “47th French Tech Morning on Bio and Eco-construction“, brought together 41 participants, including company project managers from GALLEGO, CHAUX DE SAINT-ASTIIER, COFADYS TETRALOGIA, Lou Tiny House, the design office APYGEC, EUROCOB, LANNESOLAIRE, as well as representatives of the Regional Directorate for the Environment, Spatial Planning and Housing DREAL, the Economic Development Agency AD’OCC, and the Departmental Directorate of Territories DDT 65.

Three projects were presented: the project Green Coal Fuel, by Franck Miraux, of the start-up GreenBuilding, the project PALOMAC (Assessment of the potential of local agricultural co-products that can be used in the field of building materials), by Philippe EVON, Research Engineer of the Agroindustrial Chemistry Laboratory of the INPT-ENSIACET, responsible for the AGROMAT hall, and the project SAVASCO (StructurAtion of a cross-border Value chAin for corn and Sunflower stems of COnstructions), by Camille Magniont, university professor and director of the Department of Civil Engineering and Sustainable Construction at the IUT of Tarbes.

In the afternoon, 27 participants followed the different interventions of actors in the sector such as the Collective of biosourced building sectors CF2B, Envirobât Occitanie, Ovalie Innovation, Ecozimut, Cosma Architecture, ARESO i Terre de Bois, which fueled debates around biologically based building materials. It was an opportunity to take stock of the current situation in the field of ecoconstruction from bio and geofoned materials in the southwest of France and the experiences of structuring bio-based sectors at the national level. This varied experience feedback, from harvesting in the field of aggregates to construction, was beneficial to all attendees and allowed to identify opportunities and obstacles to the development of a new sector of the bio-based construction.


The day ended with visits from the Tarbes laboratories of the LMDC and the Agromat hall of the Toulouse INP, at the same time as the visit of the new bioclimatic building of the Pole of Civil Engineering and Sustainable Construction of the IUT of Tarbes.

The materials developed during the SAVASCO project were also presented, as well as the instruments used for their characterization. The visit to the laboratories was an opportunity to continue with the richness of the exchanges between participants and partners of the SAVASCO project.


This meeting encouraged exchanges, enriched debates and created links between actors in the future sector.

The SAVASCO project team, organizer of this event, sincerely thanks the different speakers and participants for this day, the realization of the trip and their enthusiasm.

Below you will find the list of speakers and their presentations:


Afternoon round table

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