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  • To contribute to the development of a new economic sector of construction, innovative and sustainable.

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StructurAtion of a cross-border Value chAin for corn and Sunflower stems of COnstructions

The project

SAVASCO is an INTERREG V-A Spain - France - Andorra (POCTEFA 2014-2020) project, which aims to structure an innovative and eco-efficient construction sector based on corn stalks and sunflower. It is located in the trans-Pyrenean territory and should help reduce the environmental impact of the construction sector. This is why the project is structured around 5 main objectives.

To develop

methods of collecting and processing corn and sunflowers stalks

To formulate

building materials based on the characterization of the stems

To prototype

houses using developed building materials

To analyze

the life cycles of the sector and of the developed construction products

To form a network

with future players in the corn and sunflower stem recovery sector

The challenge

Today, building insulation materials come mainly from non-renewable raw materials of mineral or petroleum origin and its extraction and processing cause significant environmental impacts, especially in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. However, the physical characteristics of certain agricultural residues, such as corn and sunflower stalks, give them a very convenient and desired performance in terms of thermal insulation and water regulation for the formulation of construction materials. In addition, these bio-based raw materials have many environmental benefits: they are renewable, local, and are carbon sinks.

Thus, SAVASCO’s main objective would be to contribute to the development, in the cross-border territory, of an innovative and sustainable economic sector in the building sector.


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Creation of an actors network in the bioconstruction sector based on maize and sunflower stalks.

Last news

Call for research support staff convened by Resolution 001082/2021 of 28 July

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Project participants

The consortium brings together 4 higher education centers, 3 laboratories and 2 research groups, 1 federation of agricultural cooperatives, and 3 cooperative companies in the construction sector. 5 associations and companies as well as a magazine specialised in the field of construction are associated partners of the project.