SAVASCO on Catalunya Ràdio

The researcher from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Mariana Palumbo, the architect Adrià Vilajoana from ARQBAG and the farmer and technician from the Castelló d'Empúries agricultural cooperative Íngrid Pous, were interviewed on January 11 and 17 on the Catalunya Ràdio programs "Catalunya al dia" and "Perspectiva" to talk about the SAVASCO project.

The interviewees highlighted the use of corn and sunflower stalks that this application entails, the time reduction in construction operations thanks to the construction of the blocks in the workshop, and the benefit for farmers, since they can obtain a higher yield of their fields and crops.

They also announced the upcoming construction of two prototypes, in Sant Cugat del Vallés and Tarbes, the first of which will be converted into a classroom.

The news, which was also published on the Catalunya Ràdio website, can be read here. The interview on “Catalunya al dia”, in reproduction, can be heard below from the minute 36:35 and the interview on the program “Perspectiva”, also in reproduction on the other side, from minute 48:45.

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